Sunday, September 8, 2013

DAY 11


Some months ago, while discussing this trip with Jim Wattam I said that from Grand Junction we planned to go to Mexican Hat. Jim said that just west of Grand Junction we should get off I-70 ay Cisco and take SR128 to US191 and visit Arches National Park. Thank you Jim, the ride down 128 was breathtakingly beautiful. We followed the Colorado River through canyons the river carved eons ago. Rock formations pushed the road to the very edge of the river. Around every bend was another “Wow look at that!”

I soon realized that the canyon walls on our right, housed Arches National Park on their top. Reaching US191 we turned right and entered the park. There are several paved roads that take you to the top of the plateau and the rock formations are incredible. We let our imaginations run wild and created our own names for many of the sites. One in particular, we name the three sisters, later found out it is called the gossips, was quite striking. That evening while watching TV in our room, Judy found a Indiana Jones film just starting. Young Indy is riding through a rocky landscape and Judy shouts, “Look there are the Gossips.” Sure enough it was filmed in the park.

After the park we followed 191south through lots and lots of nothing. Lodging for the night is at the Recapture Lodge in Bluff UT and dinner at the Cottonwood Steak House.

Another great day!

Here are a few photos.

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