Thursday, September 19, 2013

DAY 22-23

Day 22 – 23 Wednesday – Thursday September 18 – 19, 2013

I’m wrapping up two days of travel in this post. We had a tearful good by with Diann and Paul Wednesday morning and started working our way back home. Ahead of is the Loneliest Highway in America, US50. As you might suspect from the name, there is not an abundance of traffic, towns, gas stations or much of anything else on this road.
We stopped in Austin, NV for lunch at the International Café & Bar, very funky. Good food, strange people.

We ended the day in Ely, NV, the sight of the big copper boom in 1906. When copper prices fell in the 70’s Kennicott Copper closed the mines. Guess what, copper prices have gone sky high and the second copper boom has come to Ely.

The Best Western Park Vue was our bed down spot and The Nevada Hotel & Casino provided us with a great prime rib dinner, the best I’ve had in some time, for fifteen dollars a plate!

Another day on US50 and the road seems even more desolate then yesterday. We found lunch at the Delta Freeze in Delta, UT. Laugh, but our BLT and grilled ham & cheese were very good. The people smiled and were most pleasant, unlike lunch in Austin. After miles and miles of US50 we made it to I-70 and headed for Green River, UT.

I-70 is got to be the most wonderful road in our Interstate system. I can’t describe how awesome the drive was this afternoon . Another breathtaking experience and speaking for two old asthma suffers, we understand breathtaking.
We are checked in at the Comfort Inn in Green River, had a very nice dinner at The Tamarisk restaurant. By the traffic it appears to be the place to dine in Green River.

Tomorrow we head for Idaho Springs, CO


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