Saturday, September 21, 2013

DAY 24 -25

Day 24 – 25 Friday – Saturday September 20 – 21

Friday morning we left Green River, UT and headed for Idaho Springs, CO. Once again the drive across I-70 proved to be outstanding. Once past Cisco UT we began to back track some of I-70 that we went over on Day 10 of our trip, including the beautiful Glenwood Canyon. It’s amazing, we have now seen it coming from the east and coming from the west. With the change of direction the view changes completely.

Idaho Springs was founded in 1859 by prospectors during the early days of the Pike's Peak Gold Rush; the town was at the center of the region's mining district throughout the late nineteenth century. During the late twentieth century, the town evolved into a tourist center along U.S. Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 40, which ascend Clear Creek Canyon through the historic mining district.

The town today is squeezed along the north side of Interstate 70, with a historical downtown on its western end and a strip of tourist-related businesses on its eastern end.

Our bed for the night was at the H&H Motor Lodge, when was the last time you stayed in a place called a motor lodge? It’s old and kind of funky, from the outside I had my doubts, but the room was freshly painted, carpeted and furnished. All’s well that ends well.

Dinner was at Hilldaddy’s Wildfire Restaurant. Pot roast, mashed potatoes with broccoli and brown gravy, does it get any better then that! It was good.

Dinner was so good we went back to Hilldaddy’s Wildfire Restaurant for breakfast, ‘cause you don’t get a continental breakfast in a motor lodge. Yes, it was good.

With a full tank of fuel we headed east on I-70 towards Denver. A couple of tunnels later we put Denver behind us along with the mountains and all those beautiful vistas we have been enjoying the past days. It’s high plains country east of Denver, flat rolling land growing, cattle, corn, and sorghum all the way to our nightly destination, Hays, KS.

The flat rolling lands soon put Judy to sleep, mumbling something about how f….. boring
it was. With all the excitement of the drive we opted for lunch at Denny’s and dinner at Applebee’s.

Tomorrow it’s IndependenceMO.

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