Sunday, September 8, 2013

DAY 12

Day 12

Ok, for you regular readers let me apologize for screwing up the days 9, 10 and 11. It’s true that by the time we got to Cheyenne I did not know what day it was. As it stands now there are two posts marked day 11, 9 and 10 are both about Cheyenne which was day 9. One day 11 should have been Day 10. Is this confusing? Yes! Oh shit, I give up, read and enjoy.

Day 12 is Sunday September 8, 2013, there I got that much right. Today we traveled from Bluff, UT to Williams, AZ. Twenty-five miles from Bluff we passed through Mexican Hat, took a photo of the rock formation as we came into town, crossed over the San Juan River and headed into Monument Valley. I grew up on western movies, some of the best were directed by John Ford and Monument Valley was his favorite location to film them. The landscapes in the films were synonymous with the Wild West and they still are.  Every time I stopped the car to take a picture I kept looking for John Wayne to come riding into camera few. If you have ever seen a John Ford western, you have seen Monument Valley

We lunched Denny’s in Tuba, AZ. Now you can’t help but ask why would a town be named after a large brass musical instrument? Google Tuba, AZ and read how the name came to be, I did, it’s interesting.

When we booked the Grand Canyon Railroad tour we had no idea what it was going to be like. We knew that we had 2 nights at the GCRW Hotel, 2 Breakfast Buffets, 2 dinner Buffets and 1st class accommodations on the train to the Grand Canyon. The price was very reasonable so we did not expect too much regarding our accommodations. Were we surprised! The hotel is huge, the rooms are new, large and ours is right across the street from the terminal and the restaurant. The staff treated us like we just spent a million and have been most helpful.

Tomorrow we board the train and our Grand Canyon adventure begins.


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