Saturday, September 14, 2013

DAY 16

Day 16 Thursday September 12, 2013
Yesterday afternoon we arrived at my Niece Diann’s home in Dayton, NV. It was wonderful to see her and Paul again. We are bunking in here for our sojourn. Right now no one wants to think about departure.
Today is Let’s Explore Carson City day. Carson City is the capitol of Nevada; at one time the Carson City Mint was a branch of the United States Mint. It primarily minted low numbers of silver coins, however gold was also minted in greater numbers. The mint was in operation for about nineteen years.
The Carson City Mint was created in 1863 but wasn't put into operation until 1870. It ran until 1885 when it went on hiatus but it resumed operation in 1889 when it ran until 1893 when it closed for good. It is now a historical museum.
The perfect place to take an old Aunt and Uncle, LOL. It is by the way, a beautifully designed and laid out museum with creative and imaginative displays telling not only the story of Carson City but also covers geology, natureology and several other ologys. Diann and Paul then took us on a tour of historic homes including a stop at the Governors Mansion. All in all it was the perfect introduction to the region we will be seeing in the coming days.
We ended a beautiful day with Chef Paul and his big spatula preparing four delicious steaks for dinner. Tomorrow we explore Lake Tahoe.


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