Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 14

With our Grand Canyon adventure behind us, we are off on the penultimate day of our journey west. Leaving Williams, AZ we took a quick interstate run to Seligman where we picked up old Route 66, the mother road. There we ventured back to the ‘50’s poodle skirts, drive-ins and we sang; Get your kicks on Route 66 for a hundred miles. This section of the old road is well maintained, there is not much to see along the way no historic gas station, drive-ins or old car museums. It looks to day probably much like it looked in 1952 when I rode in the back of my dad’s Nash on our way home from visiting my big brother Chris in Oakland, CA.

Back on the interstate in Kingman, our next stop is Hoover Dam. In the ‘50’s the highway took you across the top of the dam from Nevada to Arizona and vise a versa.

That was then, this is now. The Arizona side of the road is closed. To get to the dam you
enter on the Nevada side and must clear a security check, manned by well armed guards. Then join the single file line of cars for a ride across the top of the dam to the Arizona side, turn around and go back. For $7 you can park and join the throngs walking across the dam. Walking and/or climbing lots of stairs was not on our agenda, so we waved by-by to Hoover Dam.

Las Vegas. To all you lovers of Las Vegas, I must say I don’t understand the attraction. On my list of places I want to visit, Las Vegas is number 4,503. Unfortunately, to reach my destination there is no way to avoid it. The interstate run through Vegas was reminiscent of Atlanta, argh.

Things got better the moment we cleared the city and the ride north on US93 brought us to our lodging for the night, Windmill Ridge in Alamo, NV. We had our own little log cabin, so cute one could puke.

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