Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Day 6

We had our Mt. Rushmore experience today and may I add it was a breathtaking experience. The scale of this rock sculpture cannot be appreciated by looking at photographs. Standing in front of it, it is overwhelming.  As this is Labor Day the crowds where not as bad as I had though they would be.  Parking was a easy with plenty of room at 11am. We elevated up from the parking garage and got our first view of the monument. Watching the visitors it was plain to see that all were in awe. A stroll down the avenue of flags brought us to the Grand View Terrace and a grand view it is. The Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center is on the lower level of the terrace. There we watch a film about the making of the monument.  Lunch was at the Cravers Cafe where a hostess came over a sat with us and made us feel welcome and very special.

Later in the afternoon we headed for Custer State Park, via the Iron Mountain Highway. What an awesome motorcycle road. Narrow road, hill tight turns and pig tails! This is a turn that doesn’t stop at 360 degrees, you get to go around again before coming out of the turn. It was really to first time that I truly missed not being on the Harley. The Wildlife Loop road in the park is not to be missed. We had our Tatanka (Buffalo) experience on this road. All in all we had a wonderful day.

Here are a few photos.

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